Our Concept

The Beach Boutique is the ideal getaway for guests seeking a peaceful place to unwind whilst transiting in Sri Lanka. The hotel is situated just ten minutes away from Bandaranaike International Airport, so it’s the ideal stop for guests who are in need of a final dose of pampering and relaxation, before they leave the country or start a tour. The property is also suitable for long-stay guests who are looking for the ultimate getaway in Sri Lanka, in close proximity to a variety of attractions.

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Residents from Colombo and Negombo can enjoy an array of activities and events at the hotel, and the property also serves as a spectacular venue for weddings, office outings and corporate functions.

We have a commitment to each and every guest, and understand that your personal needs and preferences are an important part of your holiday. Our team will go out of their way, to offer you a personalized service and ensure that you enjoy a truly memorable experience with us.

Our History

The Beach Boutique was initially called The Beach Bungalow and was built in 2003 as a family holiday home by Deepthi and Nilika Jayamaha. After their children grew up, the family hardly used the property, so Nilika decided to rent it out as a bungalow. The Beach Bungalow quickly became a famous destination for weddings and family get-togethers and it earned a reputation for its warmth, homeliness and delicious food. When the bungalow was due for renovations, Nilika decided to upgrade it and with the help of Channa Daswatte she converted the bungalow into a beautifully appointed 12-room boutique hotel.

Our Team

The Beach Boutique is still a family-owned business, which is run by Nilika Jayamaha, whose impeccable taste and attention to detail has helped create a hotel that offers the ultimate levels of luxury and elegance with all the warmth of home. Nilika works with a highly experienced team of professionals, who ensure that all aspects of the hotel’s operations are streamlined and run according to the highest industry standards. She personally oversees the overall management of the hotel and goes the extra mile to ensure the comfort of each and every guest.